Monday, June 18, 2007


I am running out of yarn. I am about halfway thru this scarf that I have fallen in love with and it is going to be way too short. I have mentioned in the part the siren named Lola who lives in this yarn. I thought perhaps maybe she checked out since all was going so well. Oh no. Lola was merely silent for a spell composing her new song. For my non-knitting pals this means that even if I get the same color it will not be an exact match due to dye lot business. I am not giving up on this scarf as I am too in love with it. I merely have to find a way to peel myself off the rocks before some monstrous sea creature finds me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

Besides losing my mind? First I haven't had much time to post with all the sleep issues going on. It always seems to be 2 steps forward and like 10 back. Sigh.

What is Buby wearing?

Ah, looks like clogs that need to be felted.

Tofustsies socks done! Wavy scarf on its way. Now that damn scarf is being a pain. First the yarn wouldn't take to any pattern. Then I get going on the current pattern and screw it up. Then I drop a stitch on a cable row and have to rip out a few rows. Picture me sitting at the table for like 45 min with a whole bunch of sock circulars stuck in to keep stitches from getting away. It was a delicate surgery. I used to believe a mermaid lived in this yarn. Now I know its a siren and she loves to see me crash on the rocks. Her name is Lola. Miserable siren!

I am unsure of this yarn. I have started the Monkey sock from Knitty. We shall see. The sock is the gauge check so this may all be ripped out very soon.

A cotton bib in progress. Almost done really just needs a cord. Ta Da the felted slippers!

You see every spare minute I can steal has been knitting, which is why I am behind with the blog. Knitting keeps me from pulling my hair out and I am shedding enough with the nursing that if I relax my knitting I will be bald. Apparently my grand scheme to keep my "on the needles" projects to a minimum has failed miserably. I choose to accept who I am. At least I complete them all eventually. The beast stirs.