Monday, July 28, 2008

Fan Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms
Needle Size: US 3
Yarn: Sock Yarn Scraps
Gauge: Doesn't Matter
Other Materials: Wire hoops from craft store. One end already had a closed end so I just bent the other end to make a "hook" to close around glass stem.
Pattern: CO 9 ( I used long-tail) leaving an extra long tail
R 1 :and all subsequent odd rows thru R 7 Knit all stitches
R2 :K2, SSK, K1, K2tog, K2 ( 2 sts decreased)
R4 : K1, ssk, k1, k2tog, k1
R6 : ssk, k1, k2tog
R8 : sl 1 kwise, k2tog, psso, fasten off last loop
Use bound off tail to make a small loop for sliding onto metal loop. Use extra long tail from cast on to crab stitch or single crochet along bottom edge to firm it up and make it a bit more like a decorated fan.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Took an Acid Trip

Decided to dye today using my acid dyes for the first time. I bet the neighbors were wondering why I was wearing a breathing mask and measuring and pouring in white containers. I really hope my house doesn't get raided. They would find yarn that smells vaguely of vinegar. This was a fun project. I only wish I could knit at lightening speed so I could dye more, more, more!

This started out with yellow. The yarn has tweed color flecks in it which didn't blend well with the yellow. So in came some blue and teal. It sort of reminds me of dragonflies.


This one is my favorite. It came out basically as planned. Used one of those sponge paintbrushed to paint the main colors then added dropslets of the same colors only darker. I think the lighter colors in the chesnut brown area are from the mixing in of a bit of yellow. I also used turquoise and teal lightened with brillant yellow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Kissy pigs. This was Liam's present. Too cute huh? The hearts have velcro.

It's a Miracle!

I found BLUE Kool-aid at the store! I bought 25, and that was just the blue. The cashier looked out of the corner of her eye at my 16 month old and said, "my, that's a lot of Kool-Aid." I feltl compelled to explain it was for yarn not drinking. She only thought me stranger. She isn't a yarnie she can't be expected to understand. And why did I feel the need to prove I'm not a bad mom and filling my kid up with Kool-Aid?

Okay, so I am seriously lacking in my new adventures this year. I plan to try a whole bunch of new techniques. Like colorwork. I don't know if it's the thought of so many ends but I see colorwork in a pattern and run. So I plan to knit along with the webs podcast and do Bird in the Hand mittens. They are truly beautiful. So useful in Southern CA right? I can't guarantee success, but I will try.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hi, I'm an Addict

...An addict who has no desire to enter a 12 step program.
The latest results. We shall call them Citrus Concoction and Mottled Cherry. The red looks a little more varying in person.

Drying in the sun

So pleased with this one!
I'm not sure my knitting speed can keep up with my desire to dye. These were two skeins of Louet Gems Opal in Goldilock that I overdyed with Kool-Aid. The yellow bits are just portion I left undyed. I don't have a huge variety of Kool-Aid colors available to me. I did just score a working microwave at a thrift store for $15, so I can see my venturing into my chemical dyes soon. Just need to get a dye area set up outside. Also will need to order yarn to dye! I am having so much fun with this! All the color is going to turn me into a hard core sock knitter.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Smells Like.....Cherries

Lion Brand Wool, pearl grey

3 Blk Cherry Kool-Aid packets

3 Cherry, 1 Blk Cherry

Yarn sitting in concentrated Kool-Aid Water

Black Cherry Yarn

Cherry / Blk Cherry Mix Yarn
This was my first adventure at coloring yarn with Kool-Aid. It was fun and addicting. Now you may be thinking does she still knit? Yup. Has she been dutifully logging finished products. Yup. I got into Ravelry which is a forum for knitters. You can add and track all of your projects in great detail. It loads much faster than my blog thanks to flickr. Ravelry will be going public at some point so I should be able to link to my projects at that point. That will be exciting. I suspect there will be more to come on the dye front this year. Now off to knit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Hardest Thing

In case anyone checks the site I don't update :). Bubby is keeping me busy. Yes, I have removed Zelda's picture. As of later on today she will no longer be with us. I really can't bear to bring up the site and see her picture right now. Maybe with time. She is 14 and I have had her for 12 years. I am racked with grief but she is very sick and has less than 6 months regardless of any treatment options we may pursue. We are choosing to love her enough to let her go with a little bit of grace and comfort.