Saturday, March 15, 2008

Took an Acid Trip

Decided to dye today using my acid dyes for the first time. I bet the neighbors were wondering why I was wearing a breathing mask and measuring and pouring in white containers. I really hope my house doesn't get raided. They would find yarn that smells vaguely of vinegar. This was a fun project. I only wish I could knit at lightening speed so I could dye more, more, more!

This started out with yellow. The yarn has tweed color flecks in it which didn't blend well with the yellow. So in came some blue and teal. It sort of reminds me of dragonflies.


This one is my favorite. It came out basically as planned. Used one of those sponge paintbrushed to paint the main colors then added dropslets of the same colors only darker. I think the lighter colors in the chesnut brown area are from the mixing in of a bit of yellow. I also used turquoise and teal lightened with brillant yellow.


KC said...

These look wonderful! Dyeing is very addicting! Kathy aka Knittin'Cacher on Ravelry

California Girl said...

long time no blog...hello?? MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Love you too!!!!! And no I won't be your own personal blog stalker no matter how much you wish I would. :)