Sunday, January 13, 2008

Smells Like.....Cherries

Lion Brand Wool, pearl grey

3 Blk Cherry Kool-Aid packets

3 Cherry, 1 Blk Cherry

Yarn sitting in concentrated Kool-Aid Water

Black Cherry Yarn

Cherry / Blk Cherry Mix Yarn
This was my first adventure at coloring yarn with Kool-Aid. It was fun and addicting. Now you may be thinking does she still knit? Yup. Has she been dutifully logging finished products. Yup. I got into Ravelry which is a forum for knitters. You can add and track all of your projects in great detail. It loads much faster than my blog thanks to flickr. Ravelry will be going public at some point so I should be able to link to my projects at that point. That will be exciting. I suspect there will be more to come on the dye front this year. Now off to knit.

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Ingrid said...


I notice on Knitters Review that you were looking for undyed yarn. I sell it on etsy and ebay - the links are on my blog.