Thursday, August 30, 2007

The City by the Bay

Random tree on the walk to Pier 39

The Sea Lions must be visited
Golden Gate (of course)

Good old Alzatraz, Couldn't miss that pic.

Our first full day with Diane was spent in San Francisco. I loved this day trip! Where to begin. The first event was a visit to Imagi Knit, the details on the knit shop coming soon. The Bart didn't go quite all the way to the knit shop so there was a trek, uphill, which began in the ghetto. Okay maybe not the ghetto but it was a not so nice place. I will say I am not a city girl and typical find the city a dangerous place. A helpful fellow on the Bart said it was like 2 blocks. More like a country mile. I said it was all uphill right? As I was the only knitter I am sure the others were wondering how this could all possibly be worth the long haul. We finally arrived and we all went in. I was in there for an hour and a half. The non-knitters quickly made way to a cafe across the street. Now when I WAS done I did feel the need for nourishment. The cafe was a local sort, not a big corporate coffee chain, that served delicious iced coffee. The sort that you can feel clogging your arteries as I think it had tons of cream. A delicious hazelnut cake type pastry was inhaled. Good thing the walk back was all downhill!

We hopped back on the Bart to go to downtown. We had a rather long walk from the station to Pier 39. The better to build up an appetite! We promptly ate at some random restaurant. Went to check out sea lions, view Alacatraz, and catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate. More shopping, much more eating (crepes with Nutella and strawberries!). There is a shop named Chocolate Heaven. YUM! Buby loved San Fran from atop his daddy's shoulders. He could be heard singing away as we took in the sights. It was a full day and I was most happy with my yarn purchases!

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$39 really?? SERIOUSLY??? Guess I'll have to combine my trips home to include a few days down in SD, huh?