Sunday, August 26, 2007

Got Lace?

Project: Shetland Shawl, Wrap Style
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Silky Kid, Cabin Fever, dk weight, Knit Picks Shadow, Redwood Forest, lace weight used doubled
Needles: US size 8, Knit Picks options
Time: 1 week
Size: 61: across the top, 25" from top to tip after blocking
Project Notes: This was a great introduction to lace knitting. Using a heavier yarn made the project go quickly. I bought one skein of this yarn and needed to come up with a project for the one skein since it is a pricey yarn.I used almost the entire skein; very small amount left. I bought a postal scale so I could use all the yarn without getting into a pattern repeat and running out. I like the edge in the solid color. I think it sort of anchors the handpainted yarn. This reminds me of the falling leaves I miss so much from growing up in RI. The edge did not come out as pointy as intended, I used bigger needles to bind off but I think it still tightened up. In the future I will explore other methods of binding off lace. I like the effect of the handpainted yarn in this project, however I do see how solids show patterns better. I live handpainted yarn so much I will use it again, but for more complex patterns I will use solids. The size is perfect. I can wear it out and not have a huge shawl dragging behind me or use it as a scarf. Since I have a 10 month old that is a huge plus. I think this shawl will look great with jeans and will probably be a staple this winter.


Diane said...

Are we only posting knitting news now? What about your awesome trip to Modesto - the capital of excitement in California? And what about your trip to San Francisco? I know the pier wasn't all that but I know you were in love with that Yarn Store! Where's your story about the "exclusive" yarn? I know, you can't get to it because you're busy knitting my shawl! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the purse you knitted me! You need a picture of that for your gallery too!

Kisses for Liam from Auntie Di.

Siobhan said...

Hey, I just got back to updating. All the other news is coming but I am sick right now so that is a problem. At least I wasn't feeling this bad on vacation!

Diane said...

Feel better! I'm sorry :( Love you!

Vicky said...

How about letting me review a piece? I could post it on my review site. Of course then people might want something from you and you would have to sell it....