Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farm Country , I Mean Modesto, CA

A Duck Pond

We took a trip to Modesto, CA around mid August to see my best friend Diane who is moving to Orlando, FL for a job. Of course this happens right as non-stop flights from San Diego to San Fran are coming soon at $39. Oh, well. It was a fun trip and Buby got to spend time with Luna, Diane's weirmeriner (sp ?) (it's a big dog). He mostly enjoyed the attention of a dog, maybe he would like it on a smaller scale. We had tons of fun just hanging around. We made a trip to Coloe Me Mine, which is becoming a bit of a tradition. Photos will be posted when Diane ships my piece. Mainly we terrorized Diane with a Buby.

Buby appreciating the local trees. Yes, he kisses everything! Including himself in the mirror with mac and cheese mouth. Just ask Diane.

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