Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Joy of Yarn

The holy grail has been found, er I found Imagi Knit of San Francisco. I am in love with this shop! Walking in I felt lightheaded with all the yarn in one location. Yarn lined the walls from top to bottom and was piled in baskets all around. All the yarns I have only drooled over from my computer were there in the flesh to be pet. It took me a good hour to peek, poke, and get my bearings. That is with going in with a PLAN for what I was seeking to purchase! There was quite a variety of yarn from all the well knowns to yarns from more local sources. The staff was friendly without being on top of you. They seemed to understand my need to look around in awe for a rather long time. When I had questions they were friendly and pleasant, even though I kept finding all the new stock that didn't have prices just yet. They do have an online store that has a smaller selection then the brick and mortar storefront. I FINALLY understand all the fuss over Malabrigo, soft and comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors. I have begun a foray into lace knitting. My main goal was to get some handpainted lace weight yarn as its not overly popular in my LYS. Diane loved my shawl I made for me and wanted a shawl for her very own. She picked and bought her yarn and I am currently working on her shawl. There are very few people I would do this for so you should feel very privilaged Diane. She was nice enough to choose 100% silk so I get to play around with that. Now for the lovelies.

Kaalund 100% silk from Australia, color wysteria, 300 meters ea
I am currently working with this yarn and like it very much!
Mist Alpaca handpanted, Color 06, 100% baby alpaca, 215 yds each
This yarn is so bright and fun in person!
Ahh alpaca, my true love.
Whisper, 100% merino, hand painted lace weight, 1365yds
Aurora Yarns of Moss, CA.
This reminds me of the bay and mussel shells picked up along the beach in RI as a kid.
Color is noted as one of a kind not to be repeated. Gorgeous!

Malabrigo, 50% merino 50% silk, Color Stone Chat, 315 yds.
This yarn will be available at the end of the year to sometime next year.
Imagi Knit had a couple preview skeins in a handful of colors. I scored the last 2 in this color. They were just about out of this lucious yarn. It is soft and shimmery.
If you ever get the chance to go to San Fran this shop is a must see!


Vicky said...

The alpaca is beautiful and that other one does look like mussels. I would love a scarf by you! But no pressure...

Diane said...

You didn't tell me not to pick that one! I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to be difficult! ;) But think of it this way, I get to be your guinea pig! I LOVE MY PURSE!!!!!! IT ROCKS :)

Siobhan said...

Vicky, a scarf may just happen. Those go quick and for some reason I love them, even though it only gets so cold here. Diane, I didn't mean it was a bad yarn to pick, just its a learning experience. Gotta jump in sometime.