Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Suspicious Minds

You know when you have a hunch and you think nah. Yeah, you're usually right. I bought some fabu yarn in San Fran. Remember the Malabrigo silk blend? I wound one hank up tonight. Mainly due to the fact I didn't believe they fit appox 315 yards in a 100 gram hank. I know about how much yarns weigh and thought that sounded a bit light, maybe like 200 yards in a hank? Yup. I measured out 10 yds then weight the ball that was 10 yds lighter and did the math. Yup 200 yards exact. I know it was a preview yarn and its not widely available yet. So I can forgive the 315 yds on the label, sort of ( I am a bit grumpy). It was only 20.99 a hank so not bad either way. Still I hope they correct that when it hits the market. It is a silk blend but did seem slightly grabby when winding it up. So I thought it might be Clapotis II, now I have no idea. Waiting on the new Knitty to see if there are any cool new wraps. Diane, your shawl progress is safe as I clearly am not being lured away by the knitting sirens to a new project cast on.

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