Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Eyes!

Sorry for the crap photos. It's ugly outside. Here's a full shot.

Close up of pattern

Yes, I am knitting on the border. Who Hoo! My very first knit on border.
There is the promised update. I will post more about project when I finish, hopefully this week. I know, lace looks like crap until you block it.


Diane said...

Yea! That's going to be SOOO Pretty!!!!

I'm back online!

Love you!

Caroline said...

This is random, but I clicked on a link to your site and was like, "Hey, I recognize that yarn on the cat! I used it to make the Ribbon X-Back from Knitty two years ago!" Hehe. I just came across a stray ball of it yesterday and was wondering what I could do with it.