Monday, May 21, 2007

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I am indeed alive. Let's just say Buby had two teeth come thru at once. Not so good for the sleepy thing. Add to that the psycho mama that is a hormonal woman weaning from breast milk and it hasn't been pretty round these parts. I had to school a woman in Ross about manners. I should be locked up until this is over. Zelda runs at the sight of me. I do have moments of rational thought, but alas they are fleeting. If you know you are acting crazy as you are doing it does it still make you crazy?

First attempt at matchy matchy (without knitting 2 socks at once) went fairly well. They are like a row and a half off. The old saying should be revised: Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and now socks.

Whoo HOO! Loving having a swift and ball winder. This "Pansy" yarn didn't look so good in the hank. I immediately thought I didn't like it, but it has possibilities in a ball. Now to choose a pattern. I may give the monkey a whirl.

Smores. What a comforting color name. Must wind!

TOFUTSIES! Now this lovely yarn is made of wool, cotton, soy fibers, and crab and shrimp shell concoction called Chitin. Hey, it's supposed to be naturally antibacterial. Check out the free bag I got with a magazine. The magazine is so so but love a freebie!

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