Friday, May 11, 2007

Mountain Road

On the scarf front I have finished these lovelies and they will be in the mail tommorow. The KAL is doing a major drop off at the end of May so I didn't have as much time for this project as I thought.

Okay I had a hard time naming this one. Yes, we weirdo knitters name our knits if we make up the pattern. Patterns have some strange names. It does remind me of a mountain road in the spring time. Let me just say the pictures don't do this yarn justice. To really get it you MUST bury your face in it and inhale deeply. Yes, you will get a high. An angora high! Noro Kochoran is a wool, silk, and angora blend. Two skeins just leapt into my hands at the lys (local yarn store) and demanded to be brought home. How could I refuse? Once I touched this yarn I could work on nothing else until this was done. It was as if I might soil my hands by touching something else. What was it like 86 degrees today? Oh well the cold weather will come back eventually.

I am about to go sit on the dining room floor to work on my second pair of socks.

In other news: Yeah, it has now been decided I drop to 2 pumps a day on June 1st. That is a mutual decision between Will and myself. It's just taking a toll. I am still prone to being emotional about the whole business. To make it easier the thought of overfull breasts in 90+ heat is not appealing in any way.

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