Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When You Knit Alone....In The Dark

Addiction: The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.

If you drink alone, in the dark, in a secretive manner you are an alcoholic by the standards of some. What is it if you find yourself knitting alone… in the dark… on the floor of the closet at 1:39am? I am not sure I can admit this is an addiction (first sign denial). Okay so last night at my knitting meet up I made tremendous progress on my sock. Then as I sat there pumping away for the last time of the day I was knitting furiously with the mantra, "knit, knit, knit" going thru my mind at warp speed. Mayhem ensues, I am 2 rows; yes 2 rows, away from completion. Well, away from the kitcheners stitch. Agh. Then some snarling happens between the adults. Finally Buby is in bed. I can't sleep. Hubby is sleeping in the living room since he still has a cold. I can't sleep. It's past 1 am. I can't sleep. I hear this roaring chant from the closet, "two more rows, two more rows, two more rows". You get the idea. Those socks wouldn't shut up and go to bed! When your socks start talking you should be concerned. I can't go out to the living room as someone is sleeping out there. I can't go to any other room and get caught (there is the secrecy).

Pan to the next scene. Me sitting on the floor of the closet, hey it is the size of a small room, with a flashlight propped up (the light would wake Buby and I couldn't shut the door as it squeaks), finishing the sock. What could happen in two rows at 1:39am? Yes, I dropped a stitch. In the middle of the toe decreases no less. My trusty life hook (crochet hook) was in the living room! I could barely see the stitches as it was only a mini Mag-lite. I had to admit defeat and go to bed. I had bizarre dreams. No doubt a result of not completing my obsession.

You will be relieved to know I did indeed finish the sock this morning. Picked up that stitch and soldiered on in the light of day. They are finished. I believe I have developed a new addiction. Someone asked me how much can you blog about knitting? I'd venture a guess that given the levels of my insanity, plenty.



Love the socks. The color striping is very smart and great looking!

Drin said...

You don't have a problem, all you need is one of those little book lights that you can clip on your shirt. Problem solved. I often knit in my laundry room, I won't bother anyone if I am in there and no one will bother me either!

Vicky said...

I can SO see you doing this! This is why we are friends. I hear those voices too except mine say- Write, write, write!

Love the socks by the way!

Diane's Playground said...

God I love you! I adore you. This is why you are my bestest friend ever :)

I do recall commenting how much can one write about knitting......