Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Sweetest Sound

I am not totally delusional. I know babies say vowel sounds long before they say words with meaning. Some of those vowel sounds can sound like words. Very important words. Hubby was been working behind the scenes with Buby. Isolated Mama sounds were made the afternoon before Mother's Day. All of this happened in the middle of Panda Express while Buby was in a very nasty highchair. I wiped it down with a wipe that turned black. YUCK! I believe he was saying Mama where the hell is my highchair protector?

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Diane's Playground said...

AW!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to read you had the mom's day you wanted! For the record, as per usual, I had the COOLEST Mom's day card for you, well I still have it, actually...couldn't find your address...I suck. Email it? I have to send it - its so darn cute! I used the word "darn" in tribute to your knitting page ;)