Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Whats On the Needles/Ain't That A Pisser

Magic Stripes Basic Sock

Ta Da! My first sock is done and its mate is more than half done. I put off trying socks for some time, but finally took the plunge. My desire for pretty socks finally took over. Seems every time I buy pretty socks they diappoint me in some way. The latest shamrock argyles had so many strings haning inside I could barely get my toes past it all without getting hung up. This is one of those where you think "Oh, that's not so hard." As a warning this has now bred a new obsession for sock yarn. Apparently there is some secret underworld to sock yarn. Who knew?

1 skein Plymouth Encore/2 Eskimo dusk

This will be the first scarf cast on! I have so much yarn to use for these scarves it is ridiculous! When I get brave I'll flash it for you.

In Other news:

I was pissed on before I had been out of bed for a whole 3 minutes. Not exactly a way I recommend starting the day. Opened the new creamer I bought cuz it was $.20 cheaper than my regular......I am not even sure I can describe the taste. Let's just say what the hell!? I will be going to the store today for a replacement which I will have to pay double the price to get since I am not near a commissary. It even looks like rain. Maybe I should join Buby in bed.

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